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A rambunctious boy raised by immigrant parents whose grandmother would send to collect rent from her various properties? Grows up to join the Marine Corps at age 17, while his own parents start collecting real estate around his hometown. Marries his high school sweetheart who also joins the Marine Corps and retires after 20 years of service. Meanwhile raising two amazing daughters who love animes. Utilized the VA Home Loan benefit in purchasing his first home and becomes interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent.

Sounds like a structured life but there were bumps along the way as well. While growing up I would visit family in Mexico during the summers, which hindered both my English and Spanish learning. Tried to do team sports in school early on but couldn't due to no insurance. Thought I found my way in life doing something noble, but, was too young and naive and made a bad decision leading to my end of service. Struggled to reclaim a sense of purpose and goal.

I know woe is me right, but, thanks to my loving and understanding wife she helped me up. I persevered to find my way, I studied other trades of interest, mostly in design and communications. Dabbled and freelanced as an IT, web designer, search engine marketer, and in search engine optimization. Started a couple of blogs, got hired as an editor for Emily Chang and made some great connections along the way. It wasn't until I created that my purpose felt just. It was a way to reconnect with something that had a meaningful impact in my life. Throughout this time my wife was still serving and the breadwinner for the family, but that was coming to an end as well. What were we going to do afterward? Though we were still stationed in the middle of the United States we wanted to make San Diego, CA our permanent home. So for me, it was time to decide on what career path to take. About two years before her end of service I was committed to getting my real estate's license and it took me about a year before I was able to take the CA Real Estate Salesperson exam in San Diego. Which I did and passed, but was still a year away from being in CA to put it to full use. That's when I met Travis Winfield of Military Mutual whose company vision of Veterans serving Veterans aligned with my own and I saw it as a divine intervention. I knew from there that this was going to be what I wanted to do.

SO what do you get from someone like me?

Well, you get an honest person with integrity, who understands how to communicate across a variety of platforms. Can effectively negotiate the ebbs and flow of a transaction. Understands the San Diego real estate market, and has personal experience in dealing with the home purchase process. A professional who is responsive to your needs and knows how to adapt and overcome situations. Knows how to market and get a job done, someone who looks out for the people around him, someone who will give you straight answers and knows how to keep it professional.

Most importantly you'll get a partner who will fight for your properties top value. A friend who will go the extra step to make sure you get the best deal on the home of your dreams. A go-getter who will chase after those off-market properties to grow your investment portfolio.

  • My passion and mission are to help our Military Community get educated on the effectiveness of the VA-Guaranteed Home Loan Benefit.
  • To help people achieve the "American Dream" of homeownership and establish wealth from real estate.
  • A member of the National Association of REALTORS® in good standing specializing in Residential Listing, Sales, Military Relocation, Transitions, and Property Acquisition & Management

Looking to buy, sell, invest and/or need help managing real estate in the Greater San Diego, CA area (From Camp Pendleton to Naval Base San Diego) and surrounding areas (Temecula, Murrieta, San Clemente, Lake Elsinore) or would like to refer someone to me please feel free to contact me

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