Credit Issues

its okay you're not alone

Credit - by Cesar Castro

Credit Issues its okay you're not alone

Credit by far is probably the most influential part of businesses making the determination on whether to let you borrow money or trustworthy around money. Thanks to our partners at Credit Repair Heroes here's are some rays of hope for you.

  • 80% of the population has less than excellent credit - you are not alone.
  • 45 Million adults do not have any credit at all, no scores, nothing to report.
  • 47% of employers check a potential hire's credit score. Credit Matters!!!!
  • 1 in 7 people were told that they were not hired because of their score. Don't lose out on the next dream job because of credit issues!
  • A negative item can report for 7-10 years on a credit report, paying an item after it has gone negative will NOT remove it from your report.

Credit Repair Heroes

If you are hurting right now with credit issues or have credit issues that you need and want to get help with talk to our friends over at Credit Repair Heroes right away.


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