A New Search

for homes

- by Cesar Castro

A New Search for homes

In today's competitive real estate market, buying, selling, or managing a home can be stimulating, but it is important to have the right person and/or team with the right tools by your side.

With that in mind - I came across this exclusive home search service that has this privacy guarantee:


We take your privacy seriously. Your information will not be sold and you will never receive spam from us. Safely search millions of listings with confidence and find your match on nest.me.

Private & Secure, No SPAM, No Advertising

After playing with it all morning and doing my best not to like it, I'm almost completely in love with it - here's why.

    The Pros

  1. As a home buyer you want to be focused - this platform starts you off with a series of simple questions like when to buy, are schools important to you, type of home, age of the home, bedrooms, square feet, etc. When you're done it spits out results.
  2. Search results are clean and simple - When the results are displayed you're presented with a map and a grid of homes that match your answers. There is plenty of whitespace and best of all there are no ads to distract you. And each result is given a match score so you can see which home is most likely to be the "one" as well as insights to the home.
  3. Nothing is worse than an eyesore when you're looking at pictures of homes - So you click on the home you want to view and again the following web page is clean and beautifully presented. The vital information is all there, the photos are neatly arranged and ready to zoom into, description of the home, the stats are there, my info is presented. Not to mention it shows you a breakdown of why the home is match scored based on your search criteria. How awesome is that?
  4. Helpful tools are always a plus in my book - This one has the essentials. Favoriting which is a must when you need to compare, Sharing another must as well when you need to ask the significate other what they think, and a mortgage calculator.
  5. Up to date - As you may or may not know most other third-party home search engines have status delays of over 24 hours. Meaning they don't refresh the information minute by minute, second by second. Which shocked me when I was alerted to a home I had favorited two minutes before that it had been updated to a pending status. That is a timesaver and a wakeup call if you're searching for a home.

    The Cons

  1. Mobile - no mobile app but the platform is on a responsive web design, and it shows. the menu is sometimes hard to activate and I couldn't find a share to text option anywhere.
  2. Mortgage Calculator - very basic had to do a workaround to get past the minimum option of 5% and the inability to put $0 as down payment either. Insert $1 as down payment if need be.
  3. Privacy - Sometimes having to login via authentication is just a hassle, worth it but still.


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