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Whether you are new or seasoned to home buying aren't you tired of discovering the home you love online has multiple offers or even worse already sold? Let us make it easy and save you time & money searching for new homes. Our results will speak for themselves, we use proven techniques and technologies to help buyers find homes they love!

Our process of getting to know you, your family, your goals, and your budget allows us to focus in on the types of homes that will fulfill your dreams. We take pride in relieving your stress from all the waking hours you've taken scouring for homes on the market online.

Give our Associates and I the opportunity to prove it today!

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*My fees are compensated by the Sellers not You ("the buyer"), some exceptions may apply.

Discover your new home buying process

1 | Let's Meet

Let's sit down and get to know each other. Give me the big picture of where you see you and/or your family growing old in. We'll discuss on how best make that vision come true, together.

2 | Your Credit & Score

If you are having trouble with your credit and/or score. Have our partners help you fix that. Stick with us and our lending partner and you could qualify to pay nothing for this service.

3 | Loan Pre-Approval

As you know, buying a house is a major financial decision. With so many loan options, our partners are here to help sort through the options and find the right one for you and your family.

4 | Search for New Home

Once we've focused on what you're looking for in a home & qualify for. We'll input this information into our magical MLS search property program and alert you when a match occurs.

5 | Viewing Homes

Possibly the most nerve-racking part, we make sure to block out this time and schedule viewings. Giving you the most efficient way to evaluate and consider the pros and cons of each home.

6 | Submitting an Offer

Once we've found that fine piece of real estate and your dream home. We'll run the numbers, address any concerns, formulate a negotiating strategy, and submit your offer on that home.

7 | Negotiations

After an initial offer is made the seller may accept, deny, or counter. As mention in step 6, this is where our preplanned negotiating strategy comes into play.

8 | Enter Escrow

After a negotiated offer and terms have been mutually accepted and agreed upon. The home is effectively held in Escrow until closing.

9 | Closing

Congratulations! This is essentially the final stage where the transfer of funds and ownership is made. You're now a Homeowner.

New Home Constructions

Featuring our Area's Premier Home Builders

Let's connect and schedule a time to view new homes that match what you're looking for. From the exclusive high-end luxury homes to the homes in family friendly communities.

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*My fees are compensated by the Sellers not You ("the buyer"), some exceptions may apply but not limited to:

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