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You would think selling your home was easy. All you have to do is post it online and wait for the hundreds of phone calls and emails with offers to come in. Well its more than that, especially if you're on a time restriction or seeking to make a certain amount of profit, or desperately needing the money, or, or, and or. Don't let the buyers have the upper hand when they come into the process with a seasoned real estate agent who knows how to negotiate and put the Jedi mind trick on you.

Let us make it easier for you and save you time & money by analyzing the market value of your real estate property. Creating a strategy to sell your home at the most competitive price. Handle the paperwork, inspections, and of course, the negotiations. We can even evaluate whether your home is a prime candidate for our "Home Enrichment Listing Program" campaign. We use proven methods and technologies to help buyers find your home and fall in love with it. Our results will speak for themselves.

With our process of getting to know you, your family, and your goals allow us to focus on fulfilling them. We take pride in relieving your stress from all the hours you've taken worrying about how to sell your home on the real estate market.

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1 | Let's Meet

Let's sit down and get to know each other. Discover what you need to know about your local real estate market, your property's market value, and how we will get it done for you.

2 | Valuation

Even though the real estate market is based on supply and demand. Our sophisticated valuation algorithm can formulate a competitive market price to sell your home proficiently.

3 | Evaluate

Sometimes homes need TLC before they are ready to sell and sometimes they need remodeling to get the most value out. Ask about our "HELP" Campaign to do the later.

4 | Prep work

Studies show that buyers buy homes more often when they picture themselves in the home. We make sure your home is shown in the best light and de-personalized.

5 | Listing

Now that your real estate property is prepped and ready for the market. It's now time to implement the selling strategy we have come up with together.

6 | Showings

Of course, Buyers will want to view the beautiful ready to sell real estate property. Which we gladly handle the viewing appointments and showcase events for.

7 | Dealing/Negotiating

Calls, emails, and other forms of communications will begin to flow in. Offers will be presented, explained, and assessed then judged. Utilizing our negotiating techniques to make deals.

8 | Acceptance/Escrow

Once both the sellers and buyers have agreed and signed the terms of the purchase contract. We'll go to escrow and handle the dreaded paperwork, inspections, and any other hiccups.

9 | Closing

Congratulations! This is essentially the final stage where the transfer of funds and ownership is made. You've now sold your real estate property and crowned seller of homes.

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